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Oltreluna Monica

Denominazione Di Origine Controllata

There are no studies on the Monica vine capable of identifying its exact origin. What is certain is that it was brought to Sardinia and planted in 1400 by the Camaldolese monks around their monasteries. From here, grapes of the monks, grapes of monks and then Monica … many theories, many memories of other vines that the character of Sardinia has transformed and adapted. Today Monica is a perfectly integrated son of Sardinia, the south-eastern part is his land of choice… and therefore at home in the Pala family.
Oltreluna has the spirit and character of Sardinia where the vine lives and breathes, but retains a small and intriguing memory of its mysterious origin. Kind like its name, but extraordinarily complex like the land that hosts it. It is the moon that is reflected on a silver sea in the blue of the night, it is a journey that has begun and is always evolving… it is thinking about the character of wild Sardinia with an extraordinary and elegant versatility.

Grapes – Monica 100%.

Vineyards and training method – Vineyards of “Benatzu Coloru” (Serdiana), traditional alberello.

Age of the vineyard – 30 years.

Yield – 70/80 quintals/hectare.

Soil type – Clayey, calcareous with poor texture.

Vinification, Maturation, Ageing – After pressing the grapes are left to macerate with the addition of selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 22°/24° C. for at least five days. After the racking off the fermentation continues at controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. At the end of fermentation, after light clarifications, the refinement continues for about six months in cement underground tanks and in the bottle for 2/3 months.

Tasting – Intense ruby red colour with violet hints, very clear. Very intense, with vegetable and spicy hints, light liquorice nuance. Dry and smooth to the palate, enjoyably fresh, well balanced and harmonious, good nose-palate persistence.

Matching and service – Lean starters, dry and liquid soups even with savoury sauces, grilled and pan cooked meat, goat and sheep medium seasoned cheeses.



With the super local variety Monica we are in the heart of the tradiono of our area as well as Nuragus.
The name Monica comes after the monl cultivation (the monks grapes, uva dei monaci, then uva monaca and then monica.). They grew this varietal around their monosteries.
Unfortunately there are no studies on the vine as there’s only few producers growing Monica … but we know the monks were from France ond so we thnk of some grape odapted to our area in the past centuries.

Monica 100%
Monica di Sardegna D.O.C.
Lean starters, dry and liquid soups even with savoury sauces, grilled and pan cooked meat, goat and sheep medium seasoned cheeses.
Matching and service
Serve at 16-18° C