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Chiaro di Stelle rosè


Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Grapes: Monica 40%, Carignano 30%, Cannonau 30%

Vineyards and training method: Vineyards of Benatzu Coloru (Serdiana); traditional alberello, low espalier.

Age of the vineyard: 30 years.

Yield: 70 quintals/hectare.

Soil type: Clayey, calcareous rich in pebbles or sandy, medium hill, 150/180 m. above sea level.

Vinification, Maturation, Ageing: Rosè vinification of the grapes with partial maceration of the skins for a few minutes, after which follows a light cleaning of the must with sedimentation. The fermentation follows at a constant temperature of 16° C for two weeks in stainless steel vats. A light filtering precedes the bottling carried out when the wine is still young to preserve aroma and freshness.

Tasting: Brilliant salmon rosé colour. Aroma of little red fruits: cherry, raspberry, blackberry with floral notes and a little salinity. Elegant and intense bouquet. Suave flavour, with a pleasant nose-palate harmony and nice acidity. Good structure and persistence.

Matching and service: As an aperitif, with fried seafood or vegetables. Meat based delicate starters or seafood starters with sauce. Seafood risotto or with vegetables and light main courses. Serve at 12° C, uncorking at the moment of pouring.



For a long time the idea of producing a rosé only as a complement of the range we did not like.
presumptuously … we wanted to make a rosé that was able to revive the old tradition of Sardinian rosé, with an eye to modernity, Chiaro di Stelle, starlight in Italian. The rosé that has enthralled even France (winner of Rosé du Monde. Bordeaux)

Blend, Monica, Cannonau, Carignano
Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T.
Aperitif, fried seafood and vegetables, land or sea appetizers in sauce, seafood or vegetable risotto, light first courses
Matching and service
Serve at 12° C